#‎IWillBe36ThisMonth‬ as a matter of fact tomorrow and I’m UBER THANKFUL for my life. I just got an email for a possible opportunity and I just started thinking how adventurous, exciting, stressful, busy, my life has been. It’s never a dull moment. As far back as I can remember I always lived in a nice house, went to good schools, lived outside the country all of my formative years. I’ve had specific experiences that the average person doesn’t have and that has given me a unique approach to life. Now things haven’t been great, I’ve been physically and verbally abused as a child that has weighed greatly on my life. Due to that I thought I lost a lot, but I’m realizing now through counseling that – that wasn’t even loss. Every experience I had that I thought was negative was a learning moment for me.
Tomorrow I’m going to do somethings that is going to signify a closing of a chapter, a long chapter in my life. I’m sure some of you won’t understand, but if you know me – you already know I don’t care LOL.
The next 36 years of my life I promise myself to be more honest, more organic, and more present. I promise to say “sorry” more. I promise to laugh a lot and loose this GUT. LOL I promise to accept this process of healing and release my perpetrators from all wrong doing. I promise to save more money and spend more money LOL. I promise to add to my loved ones as I continue to take from them because I have no intentions to stop taking LOL.
Tomorrow I’ll be 36, if y’all thought I was too much before – y’all ain’t ready for me at 36….
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