‪#‎IWillBe36ThisMonth‬ as a matter of fact tomorrow and I'm UBER THANKFUL for my life. I just got an email for ...
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We have Lost our Message (Inspired by Huffington Post Article, “Bono wants Christian Music to get more Honest”)

So I’m on the road to meet my girlfriend for a date in the infamous Atlanta traffic with nothing but ...
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The Burden of Greatness

I just read a report from “TMZ” (I know they are not the most credible source) on the cause of ...
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Freestyle Blogging: Life’s Contrast

Well I'm trying something I've never done before which is freestyle blogging. Think of it-- I have lines vs. bars!! ...
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The Journey

Have you defined your endpoint? What is the endpoint? It's the end, or the conclusion of a series of events ...
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The Observation Figuratively speaking a door is a mean of approach or access. It's symbolic of a place of success or achievement, ...
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